Remote Monitoring

Trackster Technologies is a pioneer in the field of IOT and has been working on deployment of several Machine to Machine (M2M) Remote monitoring Solution for most of the machines. E.g. Diesel Generator set Monitoring, HVAC Monitoring, Remote Air Pollution Monitoring, Remote Water Pollution Monitoring, Wind Turbine Remote Monitoring and Solar Plant Remote Monitoring.

  • Remote Generator Monitoring:

Generators must be monitored to ensure optimal performance apart from that most commercial generators are quite expensive as well. Trackster is designed to provideremote monitoring of generatorsand their physical status. Trackster can be used to monitor all important events like generator’s location, fuel level, running hours, generator temperature and much more. With Trackster, you can now easily track the utilization time of generators in real time along with fault reports and sends alert notifications when parameters exceed or fall below certain thresholds, down times can be reduced to a minimum. Furthermore Trackster provides real time location of the generator, if it has been moved for any reason.

Diesel Generators can be monitored for total diesel consumption, energy output, load and kWh/ litre ratio improve the performance of generators. Generators consume huge amount of diesel to produce energy and hence is it extremely important to run them on optimum output. More importantly at various places, generators are primary or secondary source of power and hence it is extremely important to ensure that there are no downtimes.

  • HVAC Remote Monitoring:

Large chillers such as centrifugal chillers or VRV / VRF air conditioning systems also require remote maintenance. However due to BMS connectivity, you cannot spare a port for remote monitoring solutions. Trackster takes care of such situations by providing a transparent bridge between the two. This ensures that data is transferred to the remote cloud server for monitoring and analysis without any change to the underlying hardware. Integration with HVAC equipment can be done by interfacing to critical / important sensors.

  • Remote Air Pollution Monitoring:

Our solutions at the service of air quality improvement.

To protect humans and the environment from damage by air pollution, it is of the utmost importance to measure the levels of air pollutants. Real time monitoring of particles or dangerous gases concentrations is particularly interesting in hazardous areas such as petrochemical plants or its surrounding areas, as the conditions can change dramatically very quickly, with serious consequences. TRACKSTER employs its knowledge in wireless sensor networks to develop real time M2M-based solutions for distributed air quality monitoring both at industrial zones and inhabited areas, including the following capabilities:

  • Monitoring gas levels in industrial plants: robust and certified wireless gas detectors in hazardous areas
  • Odor detection in inhabited areas close to industrial parks: H2S, NH3, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) measurement in one single monitoring station
  • On-line real-time air pollution monitoring in cities: highly flexible wireless gas monitors to be deployed in an urban environment
  • On-line real-time air pollution monitoring in cities: highly flexible wireless gas monitors to be deployed in an urban environment
  • Smart Water:

Monitoring solutions for efficient management of the water distribution network and its components.

Water monitoring involves many different activitites, from ensuring the quality of surface or underground water, both for human beings and animal life, to the monitoring of a nationwide water infrastructure. Machine-to-machine (M2M) and Wireless sensor networks (WSN) technologies are becoming increasingly popular in this area. Based on TRACKSTER dataloggers and controllers, we deliver a wide range of scalable water monitoring solutions including the following:

  • Water Quality: Turbidity, pH, specific electrical conductance (EC), dissolved O2 (DO).
  • Water Distribution: Flow & pressure levels, leakage detection, water levels.
  • Water Usage: Remote reading of water meters or control of irrigation in parks and gardens.
  • Wind Turbine Remote Monitoring:
  • Wind power as an alternative to fossil fuels, is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean and produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation.
  • The wind energy industry is booming and all of this wind turbines needs maintenance.
  • Trackster Wind Trubine monitoring solution specially designed to integrate all the necessary measures and signals involved in O&M (Operation & Maintenance), bringing a cost-effective and easy way to remote monitoring the complete system.