Specialised Tracking Solution

Trackster Technologies, a market leader in M2M, has the ability to develop customised M2M solutions and is offering several Specialized Tracking Solutions like Container Tracking, Smartphone/Sales Force Tracking, Vessel Tracking, Personal Tracking, Asset Tracking, etc.

Container Tracking:

Trackster’s container tracking solution will help companies that are involved in container services , having desire to track these high containers, loaded with goods of different varieties. However, identification of the best solution is always a challenge for companies. Monitoring of containers is even more important when these containers carry sensitive items. In such scenarios, it is very important for shipping organisations to monitor end-to-end journeys with complete details of every stop-over along with its locations. Along with this, reverse logistics of containers is also an issue because container rental or leasing companies don’t know when these containers will return to their depots, so that scheduling of next job on these containers can be done. Therefore, for efficient planning of day to day operations, monitoring of container movement is very important. Quick Return on Investment (ROI) of container business is possible only if each container is dispatched effectively.


  • Enables on-line checking of location in yard
  • Time investment for searching & dispatching of containers reduced to zero
  • Quick response and services to customers
  • Faster Return on Investment
  • Provides useful reports about utilisation of containers
  • Helps to improve efficiency of work with better container visibility

Sales Force & Smartphone Tracking:

Field force tracking is one of the most sought-after requirement from companies across the world. Efficient tracking of Field force e.g. sales/service staff tracking is required by every organisation, irrespective of the size of the company.

Investment in personal tracking solution for Field sales force or service staff, not only controls the misuse of vehicle but also monitors differential performance of between lazy and efficient staff, which increase sales & productivity.

Field sales and service force tracking solutions helps companies in following ways:

  • Exact location of the staff at any given moment.
  • Easy to cross verify if the sales staff had visited assigned customer or was roaming around somewhere else.
  • Payment can be made as per exact distance travelled by him/her and avoid paying excess reimbursement.
  • Android smartphone-based application can be used for tracking of employees who had visited the allocated customer as per appointment.
  • To check if sales, field, service person actually visited the client location or not.
  • To know the exact time staff spent with each customer.
  • Monthly or quarterly performance can be calculated by checking visits made during the month or quarter.

Vessel Tracking

Personal Tracking :

  • Personal Tracking solution is used to track people, school going students, Trekking groups, Delivery Boys, Kids, Pets, Old people etc.

Asset Tracking :

  • Trackster Technologies has solution for Indoor positioning of assets and also has the ability to track assets moving long national/international distances.

Special GPS Tracking Phones :

  • Global Positioning Phones are important for Tracking mentally challenged people with memory loss, security staff, watchman etc.